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Diminished Augmented System for Music Composition

Ashby has helped many musicians with his unique ability to transfer his skillset to others.  After many years of experimentation, Ashby developed his theory of Nine Tone Scales and published his notes as the "Diminished Augmented System of Harmony and Scales". Ashby is the first and only musician to outline the symmetric harmonic construction and systematic relationship of nine tone scales for practical use in the 12 tone system. His understanding and detailed analysis of the NINE TONE  Harmonic Matrix has opened the minds of musicians around the world to a system of harmony that is not taught in any college or university.


"I've followed Ashby's lead and have been writing stuff based on this scale system -your work exploring the systemic implications of is a definite advancement, no question. "

- Jon Burr

Bassist and Composer from NYC


" My interests is to understand your system and how I can apply it- especially in writing harmony"

- E.B.

Jazz  Musician From Ukraine



Ashby's compositions for the BMI/ New York Jazz Orchestra, The Afrikan Arkestra, A Work Of Art Ensemble and More specifically employ this method.


In This Virtual Workshop You Will Learn:

√ The Nine Tone Scale:

    How to Construct this Scale

√ THE Nine Tone Harmonic Matrix:

 Learn what's not taught in any college or university

√ Discover the Diminished Augmented System:

    What it is and why it's so revolutionary