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Beyond Tri-Tone Substitutions is designed to help expand your thinking when it comes to creating interesting chord alternatives beyond traditionally taught methods.


*Notation diagram of seven substitution

  alternatives for any chord. By using three

  common tones you will learn how all chords

  are related to 7 tonal systems ( Major, Minor, Harmonic Major,

  Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor,  Diminished and Augmented

  Symmetrical Systems) regardless of the

  original key.


*5 unique approaches to develop chord


*Short exercise to help you gain understanding

*Complete example Transforming Thelonious Monk's"I Mean          You" into completely new and original set of progressions        and scales that are then used to compose and entirely new


*Video Explanation By ASHBY ANDERSON


** This is an immediate digital

    download after your purchase


Pianist, Composer and Educator Ashby Anderson developed his theory of Nine Tone Scales and published his revolutionary notes as the "Diminished Augmented System of Harmony and Scales". Ashby is the first and only musician to outline the symmetric harmonic construction and systematic relationships between the Diminished and Augmented Harmonic Systems. He has defined specific 9- Tone scales as the "Complete Augmented Scale" for practical use within the 12 tone system. His understanding and detailed analysis of the

9-Tone Harmonic Matrix has opened the minds of musicians around the world to a system of harmony that's not taught in any college or university.


√ Discover the Diminished Augmented System:

    What it is and why it's so revolutionary

√ The Nine Tone Scale:

    How to Construct this Scale

√ The Nine Tone Harmonic Matrix:

    Learn what's not taught in any college or university

√ Discover the Diminished Augmented System:

    What it is and why it's so revolutionary

  • 40 - page E-Book Download

  • Full Score composition using the Diminished Augmented System

  • Three Diagrams Outlining 240+ Chords Constructed from 9-Tone Symmetrical Scales 

  • Diminished Augmented Matrix

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